We provide access to the main European, American and Asian equity markets. Our equity execution service provides:

  • Fully electronic and STP management of low-touch orders
  • Dedicated execution specialist desk for high-touch management of care orders sent by clients
  • Wide range of ETF and equity-like instruments
  • Real-time monitoring of connections to the market
  • IT support desk in the dealing room for direct client support
  • Automatic reporting via FIX drop copy
  • Post-trade support and data analysis available on the web portal

We provide a dynamic multi-market Best Execution service and the analysis of the quality of execution on European equity markets through access to the following liquidity venues:

  • Regulated markets
  • CBOE Europe Equities
  • Turquoise
  • Aquis Exchange


In addition, we provide a complete set of both native and synthetic order types, and algorithmic trading strategies, available both via Bloomberg EMSX and through the Market Hub front-end, to obtain the best execution conditions for our clients.


The algorithmic strategies available include:

  • VWAP - the order has as its target the volume-weighted average price over the required time frame
  • Simple Volume (Participate) - the order has as its target a defined percentage of trades executed on the market
  • Time Spread (TWAP) - trades at a constant rate for the specified duration
  • Best - the order always stays on the book at the best price
  • Spread Trading - to trade the spread or the ratio between two instruments for purchase/sale